School for Brussels

The Molenbeek quarter in Brussels is characterised by a young and multicultural population. The inhabitants of Brussels seem to underestimate the qualities of their cultural diversity. Different parts of the world can be explored in their own city. Both the young and old in Molenbeek can benefit a lot from opportunities that come as a result of this biodiversity. This will in turn boost an environment of entrepreneurship and education.


A big part of the population has a southern European and African background. The beautiful and colourful nature of this part of the city resulted in the idea to design a secondary school, which offers courses in hotel management, catering  and agriculture.


The school curriculum has a length of 5 years with a capacity of 20 students per year. Beside a number of internal classrooms, students can gain work experience in local and  regional businesses through internships. These can be in places like the local butchery, the market halls of Kuregum, restaurant La Paix, the Meininger Hotel, local agricultural centres or the farmer in the region.

The school programme is kept small, leaving space for a neighborhood function. This is found in the form of a multifunctional square. Besides this, the school will have a restaurant were residents can lunch and dine at a fair price, get familiar with the cooking of the students and meet each other. Part of the students will live internally, resulting in 50 student units added to the building program. Besides that, there will be a number of appartments situated on top of the restaurant, to boost interaction, hence result in social cohesion. This will also help to make the plan financially viable.