Utrecht Leidsche Rijn cycling route

Leidsche Rijn, the VINEX (dutch spatial planning note) location on the west side of Utrecht is isolated from the rest of the city by big infrastructures. Future plans for a second city centre on the roof of the A2 highway should provide a closer connection between the two parts of the city. The research report ‘Urban Trajectories’ by Jan van Duppen about the experiences of cyclists between the two parts of the city shows that there is a ‘no man’s land’ experienced because of the big empty space where the future Leidsche Rijn centre should arise.


Besides this, also the fragmentation of the cycle route is experienced. The cyclists pass the familiar neighborhood, the big empty space that is supposed to be occupied by the future centre, and then the yellow bridge that stands as a border and beacon and is visible from far away. The fragmentation can result in increased unfamiliarity with other city districts.

ATL3.02To add a new experience to the scene, and develop a faster route for cyclists, the fragmentation is used as a design tool. The ever changing scenery caused by the fragmentation gives it an illusion experiencing different worlds and therefore makes the route surprising and interesting. Besides that, it forms a value for the future development. Responding to the needs of the inhabitants for culture offer and youth services, the garden sequence that is designed will contain a natural swimming pool and an open-air cinema.