Connecting Arnhem and Veluwe NP

Arnhem and the Veluwe National Park are isolated from each other by the shadowy forest Schaarsbergen and the highway A12. In the course of time, a forgotten landscape arose and the forest locked itself from the outer world. With a new route through the forest, which is in sequence  comparable with the well known English landscape style Sonsbeek park, a new adventure is added in the route to the Veluwe. Existing elements such as height differences, power pylons, a transformer station, tree-lined avenues, the A12 motorway, a petrol station, the Church Schaarsbergen and various farms in the area help in experiencing the great landscape.

Besides this, a new junction in the form of a village junction is designed for slow traffic to be used by cyclists, horsemen and pedestrians. The adventures within this village are displayed in a Dutch comic.