Hotel for Meinerswijk Arnhem

While sleeping in this hotel in the Meinerswijk floodplains, nature will be experienced in a new way. Through a new route, where distance is taken of existing paths in height and width, the visitor is led to their rooms over the footbridges, trough the forest, over the water and along the grasslands.MEI07

The entrance building with reception, swimming pool and meeting room forms an integral part of the footbridge route. Half dug in a hill, the windows at the front facades are the ‘binoculars’ that look over the floodplains.


Every room heads up like a tower above the landscape. There are landmarks whereby the vertical line is accentuated and the facade pattern is kept natural.MEI09

With a diversity of perforated metals, the hotel rooms can be distinguished from each other. These metals do not shine, but are very colourful. The colors can be compared with nature.